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I have used personal injury attorneys twice. The most common reason is being in a car wreck, which was my case actually three times.

The first car wreck I was in, I obtained a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer because the person who accidentally rear ended me lived in Birmingham Alabama, three hours away. So, after getting correct information from each other, we both went home.

But, I thought I had whiplash. It took a month to find out I had cracked my neck on the bottom left side. I had to call an attorney to receive help. As I was working, I had to go on medical leave and bed rest. So, I could not drive. But, my son had just received his learner's permit. So, he actually was interviewing personal injury attorney's along with me.

Now these are the days where the internet and cell phones were not the hottest items on the planet. I had to call in, make an appointment, and meet with each attorney. Give the same details of my case to each one. The police report, giving my injuries, the care I had been given and the care I was still receiving also.

My son actually chose my personal injury attorney for me. What he was listening and paying attention to was communication and caringness. I was in a great deal of pain. So, I might not be comprehending everything.

So, it is best to always bring a friend or a family member along who is coherent to ask very important questions that you and I both have forgotten. I started actually writing things down so I could not forget to ask questions. My son started writing notes as it was a learning process as we was doing this.

We was concerned with getting me well and my medical bills paid. Not concerned about suing the other party and how much money could we make. That is very important when choosing a personal injury attorney.

Our personal injury attorney made time to talk to us and pick up the phone, send copies of everything in the mail, made sure I was seeing the doctor, and so much more. Remember first impressions do count. Always go with your gut feeling, like we did.